About me

I obtained my graduate degree in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in 2016. My education here informs how I work with clients in my current and past job roles; using the process of artmaking as a tool for self-discovery. I very much enjoy collaborative art projects with a process-focused approach, and welcome opportunities to bring art into the community.

My work consists of restless, explorative mark-making, and is a deep reflection of my inner spirit. I believe that mark-making in general can promote increased insight, and foster both self-understanding and self-compassion. What I primarily seek to find when I work is kindness for myself, a non-judgmental mindset, and inner strengths. 

I primarily work with chalk pastels and water. The combination of fluid pigment and rough/scratchy/bold chalk allows me to create depth within a piece. I can work endlessly on adding tiny lines and dots and never get bored. My process allows me to let go, free the mind, and just explore.

Please contact me for commissions or project ideas! i would love opportunities to create lasting art in a public space.